Seamen’s Club Terneuzen


As you may have noticed Seamen’s Club Terneuzen is working on a transformation to become future proof.


As a part of this process we have left our location at the Westkolkstraat. After having joyfully used this location for many years to add value to seafarers during their days while visiting our ports, it has become time to say goodbye as the function of our center will be shifted.


The Seamen’s Club shall become a base from where we shall prepare our ship visits and where seafarers will be able to spend a limited amount of time to relax, use our excellent Wi-Fi facilities and where they will be able to purchase a limited extent of items for their time on board (e.g. personal care products).


Together with North Sea Port we have found a possible location and in cooperation with the city of Terneuzen we are looking for the necessary permits to realize a temporarily center. Partially by the actual COVID-19 situation it is decided to clear out the location at the Westkolkstraat as most of the seafarers are currently not allowed to have shore leave.


In the meantime we have found a location to use as a base from where we prepare our ship visits and where we have stored our belongings. This location could be used in case of a calamity, but is not functional as a center per se.


We find it important to emphasize that we are and will stay available to our target: the seafarers.


If you need any kind of assistance in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to help you out.


With kind regards, Team Seamen’s Club Terneuzen; Marian & Leontine


Welcome to the website of Seamensclub Terneuzen, Zeeland. On this site you can find everything about the Foundation and the Terneuzen Seamensclub.

Seamensclub Terneuzen
The Seamensclub Terneuzen considers itself as the home for seafarers in the broadest sense.

At the seamensclub we don’t differentiate people basis religion, race, age, rank or position. Seafarers in the maritime and inland waterways are welcome in our Seamensclub.
The management of the Seamensclub Terneuzen is done by Mrs. Leontine Verhoef
Foundation Seamensclub Terneuzen
The Foundation Seamensclub Terneuzen is responsible for the operation of the Seamensclub Terneuzen. The foundation aims to provide, maintain and control the Seamensclub. The board consists of an executive committee and a general board.