Seamen’s Club Terneuzen – Covid-19


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were forced to close our doors again. We however feel that our work for seafarer’s welfare is more needed then ever. Therefore, we will remain to visit all the ships in our ports at daytime during weekdays. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to transport seafarers, so we can not take you to the city. We are however able to take some items in our bus to you during our visits. We have posted a list with products that we have on stock in our centre with prices and pictures in our photo gallery. You can contact us through email or Facebook with a list of products that you require before 20.00 hrs, and we will take it with us during our visit to your vessel the next morning (weekdays). Please check with everybody on the ship for their requirements. We try to visit every ship in our ports, so we are only able to come once to your ship. 


If you need any kind of assistance in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to help you out.


With kind regards, Team Seamen’s Club Terneuzen; Marian, Femke & Leontine


Welcome to the website of Seamensclub Terneuzen, Zeeland. On this site you can find everything about the Foundation and the Terneuzen Seamensclub.

Seamensclub Terneuzen
The Seamensclub Terneuzen considers itself as the home for seafarers in the broadest sense.

At the seamensclub we don’t differentiate people basis religion, race, age, rank or position. Seafarers in the maritime and inland waterways are welcome in our Seamensclub.
The management of the Seamensclub Terneuzen is done by Mrs. Leontine Verhoef
Foundation Seamensclub Terneuzen
The Foundation Seamensclub Terneuzen is responsible for the operation of the Seamensclub Terneuzen. The foundation aims to provide, maintain and control the Seamensclub. The board consists of an executive committee and a general board.